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Jiffy Automation delivers cutting edge gate automation services for every home owner. Get on with your busy lives, do not stop – do not wait. The gates in front of you shall open with a mere click of a button. With automation solutions designed in India and tailor made for Indian conditions and manufactured in from SE Asia, our products can fit a whole gamut of your existing gates – across shapes and sizes. Our engineers will be happy to custom consult a suitable solution for any gate on demand – swing, sliding, cantilever. Our focus is on providing agile & reliable solutions at affordable rates for India customers.

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Sriram Subramaniam
A serial entrepreneur having founded his first Technology company at 22 yrs of age. With more than 16 years of experince in designing multiple Analog and Digital systems for Indian Medical, Industrial, consumer and Military. Sriram is building the advanced Gate Automation system and is responsible for the overall Technology and Operations.

S.Satish Kumar
Has an MBA from Cardiff University UK, has enabled European brands develop a pan – India footprint in the Textile Industry. He heads the Sales function at Jiffy and is responsible for Business development and Customer Relationships.

Jiffy Automation delivers cutting edge gate automation services